Isis temple unearthed by builders in Banha

Isis temple unearthed by builders in Banha

The ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple built for the Egyptian diety, Isis, were discovered on Thursday by workers on a residential project in Banha City, capital of the Qalyubiya Governorate.

The workers notified the Ministry of Antiquities who sent a team of archaeologists to the discovery site in Tall Atreeb to continue excavating excavating the temple.

Pharaonic inscriptions depicting the ancient Egyptian dieties, Horus and Isis, were displayed on the temple’s walls and pillars.

Ahmed Kamal, a professor of History at Banha University, said the area was rich in antiquities despite being neglected by the Antiquities Ministry.

He accused the Ministry of “deliberate sabotage” for neglecting treasures of one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt, dating back 4,500 years.

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