Japan may add punishments for not following anti-virus measures

Japan may add punishments for not following anti-virus measures

“We will swiftly consider including business suspension orders and penalties” in the possible law revision, the minister said.

He said the COVID-19 epidemic was the first case for which the special measures law was invoked, thus creating confusion over how the central and local governments should balance responsibilities.

“The business suspension request initially considered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in April was in every sense of the word a ‘lockdown,’ covering a variety of sectors,” Nishimura said.

Nishimura said that tweaking the balance of responsibilities with municipalities in the special measures law revision will lead to many discussions with local governments, and doing so now will lead to further confusion.

On Saturday, Nishimura also said the government plans to seek opinions from experts on cross-border travel between prefectures amid the new coronavirus crisis ahead of the summer holiday season.

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