Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem attack Arab shop-owner, vandalize store

Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem attack Arab shop-owner, vandalize store

A shop located adjacent to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City was vandalized, and its worker attacked late overnight on Wednesday by Jewish worshipers who were returning from the Western Wall.

It was reported that hundreds of individuals stormed the shop - the only one that was left open that night - and attacked the local worker, Ibrahim Hashelmon, who was lightly wounded and was subsequently taken to a hospital.

It took them a while before they started pushing people away,” he said.Police addressed the incident as a “quarrel between young people.”“During the night it was reported that a fight broke between young people on Gai Street in the Old City, in which stones were thrown,” a police statement reads.“[During which] damage was done to a store, a motorcycle and a car parking nearby.

An investigation was launched.”Police told the Jerusalem Post that no arrests were carried out in this case so far.Hatem Abu al-Daba’at, the owner of the shop told the Post that the place was completely ruined by the rioters.“All of my equipment, and all the refrigerators were ruined, and the place needs a full restoration,” he said.Abu al-Daba’at said that it was the first time that his shop suffers this kind of harsh violence and vandalism.“It was that first time that such thing happened for us.

They started hitting them, broke everything and shouted death to all Arabs,” he said.

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