Jim Jordan: We Need to Know More About the 'Whistleblower' -- Looks 'Suspect'

Jim Jordan: We Need to Know More About the 'Whistleblower' -- Looks 'Suspect'

During Wednesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News Channel, Rep. Jim Jordan (D-OH) suggested getting more information on the whistleblower who filed a complaint about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine regarding former Vice President Joe Biden.

“There’s lots of things that have come out in the last day that make this thing even more suspect because the complaint was — there’s been reporting that says the complaint’s on July 25.

… Then there’s an 18-day time period before that the complaint actually gets filed.

So, he does a memo where he talks about the frightening and crazy call that took place between President Trump and President Zelensky,” Jordan outlined.

“So, if it was so frightening and so crazy, why did this whistleblower wait 18 days to file the complaint?” he continued.

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