Joe Biden Demands Facebook Censor Trump

Joe Biden Demands Facebook Censor Trump

Joe Biden’s campaign wrote a letter to social media giant Facebook on Monday demanding the platform censor posts of his political rival, President Donald Trump.

Acknowledging the campaign has sent “prior letters” to tattle on Trump, Biden campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, wrote in part:

Dillon got very specific in her demands of Facebook, including, “the implementation of the new approach of linking to your Voting Information Center on posts from politicians that concern voting.”

Biden’s campaign manager proposed a question to Facebook, then provided the answer.

Dillon wrote, “…with respect to ‘hateful content,’ the question is not whether ‘there is a public interest in allowing a wide range of free expression in people’s posts’ even when that expression includes divisive and inflammatory content, as your announcement suggested.”

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