Joe Biden Off Campaign Trail for Ninth Day in September

Joe Biden Off Campaign Trail for Ninth Day in September

Former Vice President Joe Biden has no public events scheduled Thursday — the ninth day in September the Democrat nominee will not be on the campaign trail.

Biden’s campaign called a “lid” at 9:20 a.m Thursday morning, meaning that it had no public events or travel scheduled for the rest of the day.

Biden’s team also clarified that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Democrat vice presidential nominee, had no public events scheduled for Thursday and, therefore, would not be on the campaign trail, either.

More than a few reporters were quick to note that the Democrat nominee’s schedule stands in stark contrast to that of President Donald Trump, who has increased his travel in recent weeks as the general election has kicked into gear.

Despite having what some believe to be a “light” public schedule, Biden has recently mocked Trump for appearing to struggle to walk down a ramp during a commencement ceremony at Westpoint this year.

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