John Kelly 'somewhat reminiscent of Mike Flynn'

John Kelly 'somewhat reminiscent of Mike Flynn'

James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, said Tuesday that White House chief of staff John Kelly is "reminiscent" of Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser who resigned under pressure last year.

Now a contributor for CNN, Clapper was asked by "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon if Kelly should "go" amid the backlash Kelly has received for his handling of the controversy surrounding former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned last week following reports of his two ex-wives accusing him of domestic abuse.

"To me, somewhat reminiscent of Mike Flynn, to be honest," Clapper said.

Kelly has endured intense backlash for initially defending Porter as reports of the allegations, which Porter denies, first came out and there are questions about why Porter was kept on staff after the FBI provided details on its findings in its background check on Kelly's subordinate.

However, the White House has pushed back on reports that White House counsel Don McGahn and Kelly knew for months about the abuse allegations.

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