Lebanese Christians Face Backlash After Beirut Explosion

Lebanese Christians Face Backlash After Beirut Explosion

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) the National on Thursday highlighted efforts of Lebanese Christians to cope with social, political, and sectarian fallout from the massive explosion in Beirut.

The National highlighted resentment towards Lebanese Christians for observing that Christian neighborhoods in Beirut were hit especially hard by the blast.

The biggest political problem facing Lebanese Christians, in a time of widespread anger and disgust at the government, is that the head of state is a Maronite Christian.

A third noose, not visible in the picture on his phone, held a cutout of President Michel Aoun, a Christian, next to the two Shiite leaders.

As the NYT put it, Beirut’s Shiite Muslims “like the idea of change, but like Hezbollah more.” The Iran-backed terrorist gang/political party has made it very clear that it will not accept any responsibility for the explosion, even as the bulk of public outrage focuses on Hezbollah’s corruption, its tendency to put foreign adventures on behalf of Iran over the well-being of Lebanon, and its numberless stashes of weapons, one of which might well have been involved in the Port of Beirut explosion.

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