‘Lying White Trash Child Abusing Monsters’

‘Lying White Trash Child Abusing Monsters’

A slew of Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter to criticize President Donald Trump after he ended the policy of separating illegal immigrant adults from minors apprehended at the southern border.

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal responded to a call to action from the far-left Islamic activist Linda Sarsour, asking where in New York a protest would be taking place.

Actor John Cusack claimed the government was pursuing a practice of “criminalizing poverty.”

Actress Patricia argued that Trump still “hates immigrants with a vengeance” while claiming that the U.S. is being turned over to “Russian foreign hands.”

Actress Alyssa Milano, who changed her Twitter profile photo to one of a screaming child, said that order was just a “bunch of hyperbole.”

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