Maduro Calls for Venezuela to Become 'Crypto-Nation' Through 'Petro'

Maduro Calls for Venezuela to Become 'Crypto-Nation' Through 'Petro'

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro called for his country to become a leading “crypto-nation” on through his scam “Petro” cryptocurrency, declaring on Wednesday that it will help promote “growth and prosperity” in the crisis-stricken socialist state.

Addressing viewers in a broadcast from the Bank of Venezuela, Maduro called for expanding the Petro’s use and embracing the cryptocurrency as an integral part of the country’s economy.

“We are developing the mechanisms that will make the Petro accessible to families, workers, pensions, and students,” he continued.

The socialist despot went on to urge government officials to promote the cryptocurrency and make it as accessible for people as public, revealing he had signed a decree that would allow people to use it as payment for various public services.

“I can already say that we have developed technological, economic and financial conditions to accelerate the path of Petro as a great cryptocurrency in the national economy of Venezuela and beyond the country,” he said.

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