Media Coalition Files Motion to Unseal Names on Trump's Tax Docs

Media Coalition Files Motion to Unseal Names on Trump's Tax Docs

A coalition of media outlets filed a motion in federal court on Wednesday seeking to unseal the redacted names on documents provided by Deutsche Bank relating to President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The “motion to intervene and to unseal judicial records,” submitted by attorneys representing The Associated Press, The New York Times, CNN, Politico, and The Washington Post (the Coalition), contends that the public has a constitutional right to know the interested parties involved in litigation over President Trump’s tax returns.

“Through this motion, [The Coalition] seek to enforce the public’s First Amendment and common law rights of access to judicial proceedings and the records therein, specifically, to unseal the redacted names so as to be able to inform the public which persons’ or entities’ tax returns are at issue in this litigation.”

“There is no basis in the record for a finding that the redacting of the names in the Deutsche Bank Letter is necessary to protect a compelling interest that would overcome the public’s rights of access,” the motion said.

The Coalition also argued that under the common law right to access, the court should weigh the public’s inherent right to the information against the legitimate interest of the parties, noting that the balance here “tips decisively in favor of the public.”

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