Melania Trump Thinks Greta Thunberg Had POTUS Attack Coming

Melania Trump Thinks Greta Thunberg Had POTUS Attack Coming

Earlier this week, Donald Trump, who is very busy and important, took some time out of his schedule to attack a 16-year-old girl.

Responding to the news that Swedish activist Greta Thunberg had been named Time magazine’s person of the year, the president, like the bridge troll he is, took to Twitter and ranted: “So ridiculous.

Chill Greta, Chill!”

While the notion of Trump going after someone on Twitter is nothing new—in the past he has slandered everyone from NFL players to the cast of Morning Joe to Bette Midler to Saturday Night Live—some people noted the irony of the attack given that Melania Trump recently went off the deep end after a legal scholar referenced Barron Trump in passing to make a point about the power of the presidency.

Also, y’know, her alleged campaign against online bullying, the uniquely named “Be Best.” Does FLOTUS still care about the issue?

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