Mike Bloomberg Funded 'Special' Prosecutors on Climate Change

Mike Bloomberg Funded 'Special' Prosecutors on Climate Change

As the Competitive Enterprise Institute noted in a 2018 report, Bloomberg created a “scheme” to pay attorneys who were placed in the offices of state attorneys general, and whose role was to pursue environmental violations — as well as the political opponents of left-wing climate change policies:

The intent is for those attorneys to advance the donors’ and large environmental advocacy groups’ “progressive clean energy, climate change, and environmental” policy agenda and—according to at least one OAG application—expressly to assist in pursuing the same agenda’s political opponents.

… This approach represents an elaborate, deliberate plan to politicize state law enforcement offices in the service of an ideological, left-wing, climate policy agenda that has been frustrated by the democratic process.

Under this scheme and deviating from standard government contracting procedures, private parties with an express policy advocacy agenda can pay to place activist investigators and lawyers in state AG offices to pursue that agenda.

Even green-friendly Oregon determined that the system did not comply with Oregon law governing the payment and supervision of state employees.

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