Miocic breaks heavyweight title record with win over Ngannou

Miocic breaks heavyweight title record with win over Ngannou

The two big men traded kicks to open the bout before Miocic looked for a takedown twice, with both coming up empty.

With a little over three minutes left, Miocic clinched and bulled Ngannou into the fence, but the challenger got loose and went back to throwing at the head of Miocic, who did get a pair of right hands in before scoring a takedown with two minutes left.

On the mat, Miocic leaned on his foe, tiring him out even more, and he threw in occasional knees and punches to keep referee Herb Dean from restarting the action.In the third round for the first time in his UFC career, Ngannou held off Miocic’s first takedown attempt of the frame, but after the subsequentclinch, Miocic put his opponent on the deck again.

A right hand by Ngannou jarred Miocic, but the champion was able to score another takedown to clear his head.

But when a flying knee attempt by Ngannou came up empty, Miocic clinched with his foe and ran out the clock, wrapping up a historic victory.“I think I underestimated him a little bit,” said a gracious Ngannou.

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