N.Korea to Destroy Tongchang-ri Missile Test Site

N.Korea to Destroy Tongchang-ri Missile Test Site

The missile test site North Korean leader Kim Jong-un promised U.S. President Donald Trump to destroy is a large-scale facility in Tongchang-ri, North Pyongan Province.

"Kim promised Trump during their summit on Tuesday to dismantle this facility," a diplomatic source said.

"It's possible that Kim Jong-un, who is well aware of this, told Trump about his plan to dismantle the Tongchang-ri facility to make the U.S. president trust him."

Trump reportedly only started taking an interest in the North Korean nuclear issue after the successful test-launch of the Hwasong-14.

"Kim Jong-un must have won a number of major concessions from Trump in other sectors in return for destroying such a major facility,'" the diplomatic source said.

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