New UN Ambassador Kelly Craft vows ‘strong American leadership’ as she takes her post

New UN Ambassador Kelly Craft vows ‘strong American leadership’ as she takes her post

Ambassador Kelly Craft took her seat Thursday at the U.N. Security Council, finally bringing a permanent replacement for Nikki Haley -- just days before President Trump goes to Turtle Bay for the opening of the body’s General Assembly.

Craft will be watched closely too for her positions on energy and climate change.

“By making the United Nations ambassador a cabinet member, a president signals the U.N. is an important component of America’s foreign policy,” U.N.-based columnist Benny Avni told Fox News.

However, amid a rising Chinese influence at the U.N., Craft's installation is likely to help the U.S. better discover its voice at the U.N. Jonathan Wachtel, a former U.S. Mission spokesman under Haley, told Fox News that getting Craft into the position formally is essential for U.S. goals at the U.N.

“It is critical to have full representation in the Security Council and General Assembly to maximize our impact on how best to resolve crises and other major decisions – ending wars, ensuring effective peacekeeping missions, containing rogue nations seeking weapons of mass destruction, maintaining regional instability, delivering humanitarian assistance, treaties, and so much more – that affect Americans, our allies and people around the globe,” he said.

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