New York Times Believes the 'Body of Christ' Is a Statue

New York Times Believes the 'Body of Christ' Is a Statue

The far-left New York Times was forced to issue a humiliating correction this week after describing “the body of Christ” as a statue.

The story by Elian Peltier was titled “The Chaplain, the Cathedral Fire and the Race to Rescue Notre-Dame’s Relics” and offered a detailed account of Father Jean-Marc Fournier (the Paris Fire Department chaplain) and his heroic efforts to save cherished Notre Dame’s treasures and relics during that devastating fire.

Here’s what likely happened… When the French-speaking priest spoke to the French-speaking Times reporter — in other words, this was not a language problem — the priest said he was primarily concerned with saving the crown of the thorns and the Body of Christ, and the secular Times reporter, who obviously has no education whatsoever about even the basics of a religion practiced by a billion-plus people, a religion that helped to usher in Western Civilization, believed the “Body of Christ” could only be the literal body of Christ in the form of a statue.

This is the exact same kind of know-nothing ignorance we saw from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman this week when she freaked out after learning the song Edelweiss had been played at the White House.

In 2013, the Times was forced to issue this humiliating correction: “An earlier version of this article mischaracterized the Christian holiday of Easter.

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