New Zealand Portal: EU Has Become the Dictatorship It Aimed to Defeat

New Zealand Portal: EU Has Become the Dictatorship It Aimed to Defeat

The European Union’s purposeful bullying of the United Kingdom, and attempt to serve up the independence-seeking nation as an example to other European member states that would consider going it alone, has left it becoming the kind of dictatorship it was created to prevent appearing in Europe, a New Zealand report has claimed.

The message to other EU member countries is that they can expect similar treatment should they dare consider leaving.

In a jointly-signed letter published Thursday, prominent Brexiteers including Boris Johnson, David Davis, and Jacob Rees-Mogg warned May that the deal she was working to achieve was no Brexit at all, and that if a better future for the nation is thrown away because of “EU bullying and the Government’s desperation to secure a deal”, then “the British people will not forgive us”.

The United Kingdom joining the Single Market in 1973, and then voting to remain in 1975 was a serious blow to New Zealand that felt a close tie of kinship to its parent nation and with whom it imported and exported much.

Brexiteers within the United Kingdom hope leaving the European Union and emerging onto the world stage again will allow Britain to do the same.

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