NFL's Treatment of Kaepernick 'Terrified' Many 'Black Athletes'

NFL's Treatment of Kaepernick 'Terrified' Many 'Black Athletes'

The next year the protests exploded across the league.

Moss, who wore a tie at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony emblazoned with the names of blacks killed in altercations with police, recently spoke out about the National Football League’s treatment of the inventor of taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

Kaepernick was left unsigned starting in the 2017 season — the year after he invented his protests — but throughout that very season, player protests exploded across the league and among nearly every NFL team even with Kaepernick spending the whole of the 2017 NFL season on the sidelines.

What if black police officers around the country were going up in these white neighborhoods with rich white kids and started killing them?

There aren’t running gun battles happening on a daily basis in the white neighborhoods Moss was talking about.

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