Nord Stream 2: Russia’s Geopolitical Trap

Nord Stream 2: Russia’s Geopolitical Trap

Yet, the business of two great powers — Germany and Russia — has the potential to profoundly impact the Central European geopolitical scene, challenging the security of many European countries and deepening economic inequality among them.

Nord Stream 2 is undoubtedly a promising opportunity for cheaper and more secure gas supply for Western consumers, as a direct connection from Russia will mean more independence from the complicated economic and political situation among Germany’s eastern neighbors.

It may also receive less support from Western European countries in the event of territorial aggression by Russia against Ukraine, as Western European countries reliant on Russian gas may submit to the Kremlin’s pressure.

Now that Russia is close to becoming a regional monopolist, it will gain even higher revenues from providing gas, which, according to the Polish foreign affairs ministry, “will strengthen Russia’s ability to pursue an aggressive policy.” Furthermore, as the ministry emphasized, Nord Stream 2 “can be used to expand Russia’s ability to increase military presence and activities in the Baltic Sea region, which in turn may affect the freedom of NATO’s operations there.”

Chodakiewicz explained that Germany forfeits its commitment to NATO “because recreating a Bismarckian Berlin-Moscow axis is geopolitically more advantageous for Germany,” which wants to “push the United States out” as the “last occupier of Germany after World War II.” The United States, in turn, “has no strategy to speak of; but it does have the tools: its own energy.” Using its power, as Chodakiewicz argues, the United States could potentially support the “Intermarium project,” a proposed geopolitical alliance among Central and Eastern European countries that would promote their political, economic, and cultural integration.

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