Nuclear war with North Korea is not 'imminent'

Nuclear war with North Korea is not 'imminent'

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said nuclear war with North Korea is "not imminent" but the Hermit Kingdom is moving toward putting a nuclear weapon on an intercontinental ballistic missile at an "ever alarming rate."

Pompeo said on Fox News Sunday North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will continue moving toward expanding his nuclear arsenal.

When asked if Americans should be worried about a nuclear war starting between the United States and North Korea, Pompeo said, "There's nothing imminent today" that points toward that happening.

"I would describe him as rational, he responded to adverse circumstances and, as the Trump administration continues to put diplomatic pressure on the regime, I'm confident he will see that and the people around him will see that," Pompeo said.

"The president has made very clear to the North Korean regime how America will respond if certain actions are taken," he said.

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