OAS Permanent Council rejects Nicolas Maduro's new term

OAS Permanent Council rejects Nicolas Maduro's new term

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today agreed “to not recognize the legitimacy of Nicolas Maduro’s new term as of the 10th of January of 2019.” The resolution also calls for new Presidential elections with all necessary guarantees of a free, fair, transparent, and legitimate process to be held at an early date attended by international observers.

Mexico, a Grupo de Lima founding member and consistent champion of restoring democracy in Venezuela, has now scaled back its support to safeguard human rights and restore democracy in Venezuela.

Fernando Simas Magalhães, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Brazil to the OAS, took a direct stance against those member countries who abstained or voted against the resolution.

Paula María Bertol, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Argentina to the OAS, re-affirmed Argentina’s commitment to receiving Venezuelan refugees with open arms.

This was the first meeting chaired by Carlos Alberto Calles, Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the OAS and who on January 8th assumed the Chair of the Permanent Council.

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