One arrest made in animal cruelty video case

One arrest made in animal cruelty video case

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) - Wichita Falls Police Department's Juvenile Unit officials say they have made an arrest in an animal cruelty case involving heinous abuse of a kitten.

Authorities say they arrested a juvenile female Wednesday, and expect another arrest to be made Wednesday night.

Charlie Eipper is a school resource officer and says what many juveniles don't realize is that what they post could someday become evidence.

"The thing about the internet is that if you do something, on a photo or video and it gets on the internet, it is there, there is no getting it off of there, so you have to realize this is a permanent thing you are doing and it is going to be recorded," Eipper said.

Police say the case is now being turned over to detectives and again both juveniles could be in serious trouble since one committed the abuse against the kitten and the other recorded and posted it to snap chat.

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