Pakistan Slams India for 'Invitation for Nuclear Encounter'

Pakistan Slams India for 'Invitation for Nuclear Encounter'

Pakistan denounced Saturday as "irresponsible" remarks by rival India's army chief in which he vowed to expose "Pakistan's nuclear bogey" in the event of a war between the countries.

Islamabad's reaction came a day after Indian General Bipin Rawat dismissed assertions that Pakistani "tactical" nuclear weapons had effectively countered India's ability to impose a conventional military war on the neighboring country.

If given the task, we will not say we cannot cross the border because they have nuclear weapons," Rawat said while speaking to reporters in New Delhi.

The Pakistan army also criticized the Indian general's comments, reiterating that its nuclear weapons alone had deterred India's massive army from launching another conventional war against Pakistan.

The development of Pakistani tactical nuclear weapons has been a source of concern for the United States, because it believes the smaller size of the arsenal increases the risk of a nuclear conflict with India.

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