Palestinian employees hurt by BDS speak up about its negative effects

Palestinian employees hurt by BDS speak up about its negative effects

The forum at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs was centered around its new book, Defeating Denormalization: Shared Palestinian and Israeli Perspectives on a New Path to Peace.

In the book, nine of the book’s contributors share their opinions and stories.For Nabil Basherat, a factory manager for the Israeli company SodaStream, the BDS movement caused hundreds of factory workers to be laid off.“The BDS movement has threatened my job security and livelihood,” Basherat wrote in his chapter of the book.

All that money that they have, they spend it on themselves.”In her chapter, Aloush wrote how people worldwide donate aid money to the Palestinian Authority (PA).“I do not understand how the entire world can donate aid money to the PA when its bureaucrats refuse to create jobs for their own people,” she said.The PA also gets money from taxes.

Palestinian workers in an Israeli industrial zone must pay 1,000 NIS a month to the PA, according to Basherat.“The PA takes this tax money while supporting the BDS movement domestically and abroad,” Basherat wrote.

“Logically speaking, they should be supporting a company like SodaStream for employing Palestinians who pay local taxes – but instead they just tried to punish us, allowing us to lose our jobs without understand how the ramifications of their actions also hurt PA economic interests.”According to the Palestinian workers in the book, Israeli companies provide better insurance and benefits than most Palestinian companies.

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