Paul McCartney Dispels Bizarre Claim Surrounding 'Hey Jude'

Paul McCartney Dispels Bizarre Claim Surrounding 'Hey Jude'

The Beatles classic ‘Hey Jude’ had nothing to do with the Jewish faith despite an angry claim to the contrary, according to Paul McCartney.

“I didn’t realize it meant Jewish, which it does.” The Beatles, he continued, owned a small fashion outlet called the Apple Boutique in London and decided to splash the title ‘Hey Jude’ in the street window to draw attention to the venture.

A gentleman named Mr. Leon called soon after, furious.

Paul McCartney concieved it when he was driving to John Lennon’s house to console John’s 5-year-old son Julian over his parents’ divorce.

‘Hey Jude’ was nominated for the Grammy Awards of 1969, however it failed to win a single award.

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