Pentagon says Russia is ‘responsible’ for Syrian regime’s atrocities

Pentagon says Russia is ‘responsible’ for Syrian regime’s atrocities

The U.S. Department of Defense laid the responsibility for the atrocities of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government at the feet of the Russian government Tuesday.

In a scathing statement, a Pentagon spokesman told CNBC that “by enabling the Assad regime’s brutality, Russia is morally complicit and responsible for Assad’s atrocities.

The statement was in response to Russian accusations that Syrian rebel fighters were planning to stage a chemical attack against civilians, which, Russia claimed, the U.S. would use to justify a missile strike on government held areas of Damascus.

The DOD spokesman hit back against these accusations: “We urge Russia to stop creating distractions and compel the Assad regime to stop brutalizing innocent Syrian citizens and allow much-needed aid to reach the people of East Ghouta and other remote areas.”

While earlier attempts have failed altogether, the Syrian government promoted the evacuation Tuesday of about 150 civilians.

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