Poles in U.S. Slam Biden's 'Harmful, False Characterisation of Poland'

Poles in U.S. Slam Biden's 'Harmful, False Characterisation of Poland'

Poles in America have urged Joe Biden to correct his “false” and “harmful” comments about Poland at a recent town hall, where he appeared to lump it in with Belarus and other “totalitarian regimes”.

‘Polonia’, as the Polish community overseas is known, addressed the former vice president’s remarks in a letter seen by Breitbart London, organised on behalf of a number of diaspora organisations by the Smolensk Disaster Commemoration Committee, which was formed in 2010 after a plane carrying the then-Polish president — twin brother of the current head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party — crashed while on the way to a ceremony for Polish prisoners massacred by the Soviet communists in Katyn, killing all on board.

This may have been a reference to Biden’s past remarks to the New York Times editorial board that, during the 2016 election campaign, “We stopped showing up at the Polish-American club.

Joe Biden has triggered a huge diplomatic row with NATO members Hungary and Poland after appearing to lump them in with Belarus as “totalitarian regimes”, with the Hungarian government demanding answers on his family’s alleged corruption in Ukraine.

Soros Foundation Demands Brussels Step Up War on Poland ‘Or EU Won’t Survive’ — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) March 2, 2019

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