Poll: One Quarter of Democratic Base Strongly Demands 'Abolish ICE!'

Poll: One Quarter of Democratic Base Strongly Demands 'Abolish ICE!'

The strong support for ending immigration enforcement exceeded 20 percent among students, under-30s, feminists, Democratic men, and liberals, according to the poll of 1,999 registered voters, which was conducted June 6-10.

Twenty-six percent of liberals, 24 percent of Democratic men, 27 percent of students and 26 percent of people whose top priority are “women’s issues,” say they would strongly back an “Abolish ICE!” candidate.

A Washington Post poll of 1,473 adults, taken June 27 to July 2, showed that 65 percent of adults nationwide oppose lax border policies, and so do 71 percent of adults in the 2018 battleground states.

A June 27-28 poll of 1,000 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports showed that only 20 percent of independent voters favor … getting rid of ICE.” Fifty-three percent opposed, and 20 percent declined to state their opinion.

The same poll showed that 63 percent of all adults and 59 percent of independents favored Trump’s “Four Pillars” immigration reform, which was described as:

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