POLLAK: National Review's Absurd War Against Me

POLLAK: National Review's Absurd War Against Me

Though I told MSNBC that sexual misconduct was disqualifying for public office, my particular thoughtcrime was distinguishing between legal and illegal conduct in the Washington Post‘s allegations against him.

In an exchange on Twitter, Goldberg admitted he had not actually watched the full video of my interview.

Then Kupfer tried again, citing Goldberg as he argued that Breitbart News was “trying to distract its readers from the Roy Moore sex scandal,” though he admitted it was our lead story.

Finally, along came Alexandra Desanctis, arguing that “Moore Defenders Betray Conservative Women,” citing Kupfer’s original attack.

In the Roy Moore case, the fact that we gave positive coverage to his insurgent campaign, which was backed by our chairman, could have made us more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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