Pompeo Spends Palm Sunday with Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia

Pompeo Spends Palm Sunday with Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded a short tour of Latin America Sunday with a visit to Cúcuta, Colombia, a border city Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro blocked off this year to prevent U.S. aid from entering his impoverished country.

Mr. Maduro, open these bridges, open these borders.

“All Venezuelans and the world should reject the illegitimate authoritarian rule imposed on the Venezuelan people, including the Venezuelan military leadership,” he stated, promising, “The United States will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the Venezuelan people.

The Maduro regime’s refusal to accept that it has caused a humanitarian crisis is also the reason it uses to prevent international aid from entering the country.

In several publish appearances during his Latin America tour, Pompeo refused to reject a military option as a last resort for the United States and international community to remove Maduro.

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