Pope Francis Decries ‘Insults’ as a Form of Homicide

Pope Francis Decries ‘Insults’ as a Form of Homicide

ROME — For Jesus, insults are a way of “killing” our brothers and sisters, Pope Francis said Wednesday, urging his hearers to commit to never insulting anyone.

“But Jesus tells us: ‘Stop, because insults hurt, they kill.’”

“That would be a beautiful resolution, because Jesus tells us: ‘Look, if you despise others, if you insult them, if you hate them, this is murder,” Francis said, making reference to a passage of Saint Matthew’s gospel.

In the passage of the Gospel that we have just heard, Jesus states that, “before God’s court, even anger against a brother is a form of murder,” Francis said.

Jesus invites us to interrupt the offering of the sacrifice in the temple if we remember that a brother or sister is offended against us, to go and look for him and reconcile with him, the pope said.

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