President Trump, health care drive midterm elections

President Trump, health care drive midterm elections

While majorities of likely voters say the economy (54 percent) and President Trump (51 percent) will be "extremely" important to their House vote, more voters feel that way about health care (58 percent) -- and that group prefers the Democratic candidate by a 24-point margin.

Trump gets net negative ratings on health care (-16 points), immigration (-14 points), Supreme Court nominees (-8), and border security and trade (both -7).

More voters have a favorable view than an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party by 3 points, while the Republican Party rating is a net negative by 7 and President Trump is under water by 9.

Seventy percent of likely voters favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently working in the U.S. More like Obamacare (54 percent favorable) than the tax cut law (45 percent favorable) -- plus health care (58 percent) is extremely important to more voters than taxes (44 percent) when it comes to their congressional vote.

Those with the lowest share certain to vote include Trump approvers (79 percent), voters without a college degree (77), and men under 45 (68).

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