Propaganda About Border Mostly from Mainstream Media

Propaganda About Border Mostly from Mainstream Media

Breitbart Border and Cartel Chronicles Director Brandon Darby took on the recent reporting by CNN’s Jim Acosta and some social media postings by Texas Democrat Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, where they try to claim the border, is safe.

In the case of Jim Acosta, Darby criticized the CNN correspondent video report where he stands next to the border fence claiming the area is safe.

Darby also spoke about social media postings by O’Rourke who continually claims that the whole border is safe.

in Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican side of the El Paso- Juarez Metropolitan Area … it is one of the most violent places on earth.

One of the most alarming trends in the way national news reported border issues dealt with the statement by U.S. President Donald Trump that one in three women were sexually assaulted in their journey to the border.

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