Rand Paul Slams YouTube Removal of Video Mentioning 'Eric Ciaramella'

Rand Paul Slams YouTube Removal of Video Mentioning 'Eric Ciaramella'

The removed video was of Paul speaking on the Senate floor about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts not reading aloud his question during the Senate impeachment trial, which also contained the name “Eric Ciaramella.” Roberts had refused to read aloud Paul’s question, as was protocol with every senator’s question during the trial.

RealClearInvestigations first named Ciaramella as the likely whistleblower whose complaint to the intelligence community inspector general was used by House Democrats to kickstart the impeachment process.

Despite House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) being the only member of Congress whose staff interacted with the “whistleblower” and know who the whistleblower is, Democrats have accused Republican members of Congress of trying to “out” him by saying Ciaramella’s name.

Paul said during a conference call with reporters he was not outing any whistleblower.

Paul also noted that the same people wanting to protect Ciaramella have also called for whistleblower Edward Snowden be in jail or killed, despite his whistleblowing leading to more protections for Americans.

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