Report: 81% of Parents Let Children Under 11 Watch YouTube Videos

Report: 81% of Parents Let Children Under 11 Watch YouTube Videos

81 percent of parents allow their children aged 11 and under to watch YouTube videos, while 34 percent claimed their children watch YouTube videos “regularly,” despite 61 percent of parents claiming to have encountered content “unsuitable for children” on the platform, according to a Pew Research survey.

“81% of all parents with children age 11 or younger say they ever let their child watch videos on YouTube.

And 34% of parents say their child watches content on YouTube regularly,” reported Pew Research, Wednesday, adding that YouTube’s policies officially prohibit users from being under the age of 13.

“And among parents who let their young child watch content on the site, 61% say they have encountered content there that they felt was unsuitable for children.”

Last November, the platform also came under fire after its search suggestion algorithm suggested, “how to have sx with your kids,” “how to have sx kids,” and “how to have s*x in school,” and in the same month, it was reported that YouTube’s system for reporting sexualized comments on videos for children had not been “functioning correctly” for over a year– prompting the BBC to note that “there could be up to 100,000 predatory accounts leaving indecent comments on videos.”

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