Rick Perry defends his flight record on Capitol Hill

Rick Perry defends his flight record on Capitol Hill

Energy Secretary Rick Perry defended his travel record Thursday morning during a two-hour hearing before a panel of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Perry name-dropped United and Southwest as his airlines of choice in downplaying reports that he used expensive private flights to move around in his official capacity as energy secretary.

"I am a frequent flier on Southwest and United," Perry said, pointing out that many of the nation's nuclear labs are in far-away places that may require him to use noncommercial flights.

Tom Price, Trump's former Health and Human Services secretary, was forced to resign two weeks ago after reports showed he spent almost $1 million for private air travel using taxpayer funds.

The documents showed that he spent $12,000 on a private flight one day before Price resigned to visit a uranium processor in Ohio and a coal mine in Pennsylvania.

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