Sanders' 'Medicare-for-all' proposal in crosshairs of powerful Nevada union

Sanders' 'Medicare-for-all' proposal in crosshairs of powerful Nevada union

The union, which on Thursday announced it would not endorse a candidate in the Democratic race, has been for the last month quietly advising its members against voting for candidates who support “Medicare-for-all.” The union began distributing leaflets in employee dining rooms that push back against what they say is Sanders’ plan to “end culinary health care,” arguing that “presidential candidates suggesting forcing millions of hardworking people to give up their health care creates unnecessary division between workers, and will give us four more years of Trump.”

“I stand with [Culinary 226] and their fight for better wages, world-class health care, and the American Dream for working and immigrant families,” Buttigieg tweeted.

In an effort to assuage the situation, Sanders on Thursday tweeted his support for the Culinary Union’s contract battle with Valley Hospital in Las Vegas.

“I stand with [the union] fighting for health care, a pension and fair wages,” Sanders tweeted.

SEIU members support all proposals that will expand health care to millions more working people and their families, as 'Medicare-for-all' will.

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