Scarborough: GOP Hearing Defenses 'Laughable', Republicans 'Chasing Their Tails'

Scarborough: GOP Hearing Defenses 'Laughable', Republicans 'Chasing Their Tails'

Thursday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to the first day of impeachment hearings, calling the GOP’s defenses “laughable.”

According to Scarborough, testimony and “shocking revelations” from the day before blew “holes” in both the Republicans’ and White House’s defenses.

“We had some new revelations, some pretty shocking revelations, and also, though, mainly a lot of steady testimony that continues to blow holes in the Republicans and the White House’s defense,” Scarborough outlined.

It is something, though, how Republicans are chasing their tails and coming up with laughable defenses that will, once again, be proven false in the coming days.”

“The dog continues to chase its tail and all we can do is sit back, look down amused, shaking our heads because the Republicans have no defense,” concluded Scarborough.

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