Sen. Hawley takes Yates to task over FISA process, Steele contacts

Sen. Hawley takes Yates to task over FISA process, Steele contacts

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., grilled former deputy attorney general Sally Yates over her role in the use of Christopher Steele's dossier and FISA warrant applications to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, criticizing the Justice Department's lack of accountability when it comes to accepting blame for misleading the court.

During a heated exchange at Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Hawley recalled that Yates' successor Rod Rosenstein denied responsibility for misleading the FISA court because he did not know the warrant applications contained inaccurate statements.

Somehow or another a federal court, a secret federal court, was actively misled, lied to, presented with falsified evidence, but nobody in the chain of command is to blame.

Is it normal for you to permit your deputies to facilitate contacts between political parties and the FBI and the State Department?

"Ms. Yates testified she had no idea what her deputy was doing as he facilitates contacts between a political party opposition research and the FBI, she has no idea that these applications that she signed materially misled a federal court, just as [Rod] Rosenstein said that he had no idea.

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