Stefan Löfven voted back in as Swedish prime minister

Stefan Löfven voted back in as Swedish prime minister

He received the backing of his party and the Green Party (115 MPs in total), while most MPs from the Centre Party, Liberal Party and Left Party (77 MPs) abstained from the vote, although one Centre Party MP voted 'no'.

The Moderate Party, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats all voted against.

This result was expected after after parliamentary speaker Andreas Norlén formally nominated Löfven as prime minister two days earlier.

Friday's vote was the third parliamentary vote on a prime minister candidate after the close election result left Sweden in political deadlock in September.

The centre-left bloc won 144 seats (Social Democrats, Greens, Left), the centre-right bloc 143 seats (Moderates, Liberals, Centre, Christian Democrats), and the far-right Sweden Democrats 62 seats, leaving no bloc with an outright majority.

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