Stranded in Guyana, Cuban Dissident Returns to Protest

Stranded in Guyana, Cuban Dissident Returns to Protest

Daniel Llorente Miranda, a Cuban dissident forcibly removed from the island and stranded in Guyana for over a year, tells Breitbart News he has taken once again to protesting, this time against both the communist regime in his homeland and those he sees as enablers in his new home.

Llorente attempted to protest in front of the Cuban embassy in Georgetown, the Guyanese capital, last week, peacefully holding up signs with anti-communist slogans and statements against current Guyanese President David Granger, currently embroiled in an election controversy after widespread allegations of fraud.

Llorente told Breitbart News on Tuesday that police removed him from the public sidewalk outside of the Cuban embassy and told him he was not allowed to picket there.

Foreigners who are, for the most part, refugees receive the lowest pay for the hardest work,” Llorente told Breitbart News.

Yesterday [June 29], I went to the police requesting the text of the law that prevents me from protesting peacefully,” Llorente told Breitbart News.

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