Swearing 2020 Dems turn presidential campaign into 'R-rated' affair

Swearing 2020 Dems turn presidential campaign into 'R-rated' affair

Beto O’Rourke did not mince words talking about gun violence at a recent campaign stop in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury.

The phrase virtually has become a Beto campaign rallying cry on the subject, in the same vein as the Trump campaign's "build the wall" or the traditional "four more years."

Perhaps egged on by each other or by the vitriolic political environment as a whole, or responding in kind to President Trump's language, Democratic presidential hopefuls this year are swearing with wild abandon.

“Mitch McConnell, get off your ass and pass the gun reform legislation in the United States Senate,” Ryan shouted to the crowd, to rapturous applause.

With the upcoming Thursday night debate in Houston, network news organizations like host ABC and even the DNC are cautioning about foul language.

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