The rape of Colombia?s indigenous children

The rape of Colombia?s indigenous children

They have gravely injured Colombia's indigenous community," says Johny Onogama Queragama, leader of the indigenous Embera Chami group.

Quigua is a legal expert at the National University of Colombia in Bogota and a member of the indigenous Cubeo tribe.

She is also active in the Colombian human rights organization Dejusticia.

Quigua says that Dejusticia and other civic and human rights organizations have been documenting cases of sexual violence against indigenous women for the past 12 years as part of a larger roundtable on women and armed conflict.

Looking at the situation, Embera leader Johny Onogama Queragama draws a bitter conclusion: The 2016 peace treaty ended the civil war between the government and guerrillas, but "the war against us kept going."

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