The rise of Tim Ryan, the Rust Belt Democrat

The rise of Tim Ryan, the Rust Belt Democrat

YOUNGSTOWN — If the buzz surrounding a possible challenger for the White House can be measured by the number of times that person is invited to another state, then there's a lot of buzz around Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

Until the fall of 2016, even Ryan will admit no one paid much attention to his place as one of 435 other members in the lower chamber until the day after Donald Trump won the presidency and the Democratic Party fell further away from gaining back the majority in the House or the Senate.

Nine days after Hillary Clinton’s stinging loss and his party's abysmal showing in down-ballot seats, he launched a challenge to Nancy Pelosi’s minority leadership position and caught members of his party’s eye for that bold move.

“Democrats, especially in Iowa, find Tim Ryan appealing because he knows how to win in areas where Donald Trump did well,” said Mike Mikus, a Pennsylvania-based Democratic strategist.

And despite the economic devastation that surrounded the area, he decided to run for a state Senate seat.

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