Their statements are 'as accurate as their air campaign'

Their statements are 'as accurate as their air campaign'

A spokesman for the coalition to defeat the Islamic State fired back on accusations from the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday, after it accused the U.S. of providing cover for the terror group in Syria.

Earlier on Tuesday, the MoD had released Twitter and Facebook messages claiming that after Russian and Syrian forces liberated the city of Abu Kamal, the U.S. provided cover for ISIS fighters as they fled.

Dillon told reporters that Russia was making the accusations in order to cover for its own battlefield mistakes in Syria.

Several Twitter users on Tuesday noticed that an image had been taken from a video snippet of the game AC-130 Gunship Simulator, and that other images were actually old footage of Iraqi air force strikes on ISIS.

"I certainly can't verify, but I've seen the report that one of the pictures came from a video game," Dillon said.

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