Tight Races in Battlegrounds Arizona and Wisconsin

Tight Races in Battlegrounds Arizona and Wisconsin

President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden are statistically tied in Arizona, while the former vice president leads in Wisconsin, a YouGov/CBS News poll released Sunday revealed.

Forty-nine percent of likely voters chose Biden, 45 percent selected Trump, three percent said “someone else,” and another three percent said they were unsure.

The gap between the candidates narrows to just three percent among likely voters, including leaners, with Biden garnering 50 percent to Trump’s 47 percent.

Arizona Trump voters list the economy, Supreme Court, and health care as “big” factors in voting for the president, while Arizona Biden voters overwhelmingly chose the coronavirus, health care, and race and race relations.

The YouGov/CBS News survey also analyzed the state of the presidential race in battleground Wisconsin, with Biden leading Trump 50 percent to the president’s 45 percent.

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