Trump Is ‘Archie Bunker Without the Charm’

Trump Is ‘Archie Bunker Without the Charm’

The archbishop of Miami has said that immigrants are “the best and the brightest in our country” while calling President Donald Trump “Archie Bunker without the charm.”

Responding to Trump’s reported comments that Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African nations are “shithole countries,” Archbishop Thomas Wenski, who has been described as “a leading voice in the Catholic Church on refugee and immigration issues,” told Catholic media that the president is “channeling Archie Bunker without the charm.”

“If Congress acts—and acts in a right way—the DACA people and TPS people will end up in a better position.”

Calling Trump an immigration “restrictionist,” Wenski suggested to Crux that the president’s words reveal “the true motivation of those that want to close the doors of our nations to immigrants.”

On Thursday, a Vatican official defended Pope Francis’s emphasis on the topic of immigration, accusing the pope’s critics of being “obsessed” with national security and secure borders.

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