Trump Is Up Against Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall St, and NBA

Trump Is Up Against Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall St, and NBA

President Trump is up against the “four corners” of America, including Hollywood’s elite, Wall Street executives, Silicon Valley tech giants, and the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) athletes siding with China against the United States, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro says.

Biden’s record on China, as Navarro noted, dates back to the 1990s when he favored normalizing United States trade relations with the communist country and supported their entering the World Trade Organization (WTO).

That record has made Biden a favorite with Wall Street, who is pouring their money behind his campaign while he reportedly promises them in private conversations that he will usher in the status quo that voters rejected in the 2016 presidential election.

The issue has locked up support for Biden amongst tech elites who see his potential presidency as a route to keeping foreign visa pipelines open, even at times of mass unemployment.

Most recently, 24 winners of the Turing Award, considered the Nobel Peace Prize for computer science, endorsed Biden, citing his plan to reopen foreign visa pipelines and expand legal immigration levels beyond their already historically high rates.

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