Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Defiant vs. Trans PA Official

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Defiant vs. Trans PA Official

Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, is still a man regardless of any claim to be a “transgender women,” says Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

The second issue is that you have to have a person who demands to [call] those of us — who want to speak truth and simply acknowledge biological facts — to call us bigots and say that this is hate speech just because they don’t prefer it because the truth is somehow offensive to them.

To be called a bigot for simply acknowledging scientific fact is both tragic and hilarious.

The truth of biology shows that human beings are created immutably male and female.

Yet in our post-truth society, the progressive leftists not only demand that we affirm patently false facts, but also demand we not offend people who insist on speaking their lies.

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